What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

We use colour to express ourselves, in our clothes and furnishings, as well as in art. Credible psychology has found that certain colours are linked to certain personalities. What does the colour of your front door say about you?

Wood Door

People who choose traditional wooden doors for their homes are likely to be generous and down to earth, as this grounded finish suggests. They are kind, sweet, and all who enter will feel welcomed.

Red Door

A red front door signals welcoming intentions. It also symbolizes a desire for attention and a desire to live life to the fullest. In Scotland, it signifies that the owner has paid off his or her mortgage.

Gray Door

If you paint your front door gray, you are prone to compromise. Gray is a colour that can give the feeling of balance because it is a combination of black and white.

White Door

A white door represents an elegant and simple entry into an organized home. This owner may have an affinity for cleanliness and beauty. White goes with anything so it works perfectly with any front door style.

Glass Door

One of the main meanings of a glass door is that it symbolizes an open-minded person who values transparency and honesty.

Black Door

Black is sleek and modern. A black front door suggests elegance with a hint of mystery. There is independence in this colour, and trends do not sway its owner’s opinion.

Yellow Door

Painting the front door the colour of the sun says a lot about who the owner is and aspires to be. This person lights up every room they walk in. The outside of your home brings a smile to passersby.

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